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The Floor Console heat pump provides more heat at floor level, better temperature control and is less visible due to positioning within the room. Some models can be semi-recessed into the wall or in an unused fireplace.

When looking at placement of your heating and cooling system take into account where you place the furniture and the air flow within the room.

With a wide range of options, designs and brands to choose from we know the best models and capacity to heat the area. Experience shows floor console unit are more likely to provide a superior level of comfort in our climate.

Floor console unit capacities available from 3.3kW to 7.65kW.

For details on each of the Floor Console options from Daikin and Mitsubishi please download the following brochures.


MitsFloor FVXS60K FujitsuFloor

Mitsubishi Brochure


Daikin Brochure


   Fujitsu Brochure