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With over 30 years experience and relationships with all of the major product suppliers, Beattie Air are well able to provide you with a "Whole of Life" comprehensive Turnkey HVAC package from conception through to commissioned completion of the installation, fully backed up by comprehensive Preventative Maintenance and Servicing of the System.

We are well aware that frequently construction projects overshoot their targeted budgets. Beattie Air Commercial Team will provide the following key deliverables to ensure the on-budget success of your project:

Ball Initial Concept Design and agreement of budget.
Ball Final Design and agreement of firm price for the work.
Ball Building Consent Documentation - Drawings, Specification and Producer statements
Ball Working Drawings and assistance with services co-ordination.
 Ball Project management and Installation of System.
Ball Commissioning and fine tuning.
Ball Maintenance during DL period
Ball After contract Preventative Maintenance care