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Toyotomi TAD 32The Toyotomi units are ideal for use in the office and smaller events.  They are versatile and energy efficient, suitable for a space up to 35m2 per unit.  They have microfilter that removes dust and dehumidifies the air.  The Toyotomi units are mounted on casters for ease of mobility.

This type of mobile air conditioning unit requires to be vented using the supplied ducting.  If you require we can set this up for you.

Do you have a wedding in the middle of summer?  With a group of these units you could cool a 35C Marquee to a pleasant 20-21C.

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Model  TAD T32JW
Power Supply 240v/10amp
Air Flow  125 l/s
Dimensions 915h x 508w x 418d
Weight  40kg
Noise Level 60dB