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Mobile Evaporative Units

Used for Offices and Small Events/Marquees.  They provides cooling for area up to 35m2 per unit and are mounted on caster for easy mobility.  The great thing about these units is that there is no need for ducting.

Hire Evap 6200012           Model  6200012
Power Supply 240v / 10amp / 0.6amp draw
Air Flow  350 l/s
Dimensions 1100h x 700w x 500d
Weight  8kg
Noise Level 60dB


Industrial Evaporative Cooling Units

Used for cooling large events and factories.  They are designed to cool large areas with full fresh air.

Commercial Evap2  Model RV153
Power Supply 240v / 10amp
Air Flow 3957 i/s
Dimensions 1000h x 1000w x 1000d
Weight 127kg
Noise Level 70dB