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Solar Power

Solar power, solar electricity, solar PV, Photovoltaics; these are all ways to describe making electricity from the sun by using solar modules or panels on your roof.

PV Plan HouseWhy choose solar power?

There is no other reviewable energy source that can equal the energy of the sun that arrives on the surface of the earth free every day.  In fact, just 20 days of sunshine has the same amount of energy as all the oil, coal and gas remaining on the planet.

It makes sense to harvest the fee source of energy for the future of our world, and now it makes financial sense for individual homes and businesses to do this too.

Reduce your monthly power bills, get paid for surplus power you produce, reduce the impact of increasing power prices, increase your property value, enjoy making your own electricity, protect the environment, reliable long life components, affordable prices that make economic sense.

What do you need to make solar electricity?


Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight into electricity by absorbing photons of light and releasing electrons.  These electrons are captured to create an electric current that can be used as electricity.

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An inverter is an electronic device used to change DC electricity into AC electricity that you can use in your home.

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PV panels can be installed on Concrete Tile or Metal Roofs and can be angled to optimum angle to capture the sun's energy effectively. 

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