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Panels on RoofThe most common photo electric material used is a thin silicon semiconductor used to make individual PV cells.  (The alternative is thin film, including amorphous silicon, but the market share of this product is currently very low.)

PV cells are combined together, and mounted in aluminium frames with glass covers to become solar panels or modules. When you combine two or more panels to increase the power out put this is called a solar array.

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the difference between solar panels.  That's why the inner values, like the quality of the materials used, the manufactureing processes, the competitiveness and financial strength of the manufacturer are of particular importance.

When you buy solar panels and expect 25 years services, you want to be confident of the performance and durability of the product and supplier.

There is a tier system to help customers distinguish between the large number of businesses making and offering solar panels.  A Tier 1 company invests heavily in Research and Development, uses automated manufacturing, is vertically integrated, (makes the PV cells, not just an assembler), and has been manufacturing for more than 5 years.  Less than 2% of manufacturers are Tier 1.

Beattie Energy is proud to offer high performance Tier 1 solar panels from Yingli Solar.

These products tick all the boxes for performance, guarantees and support, and we believe they will deliver great value to our customers.

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